Mission Statement

The Youth Travel Academy is an independent service provider for companies and agencies operating in the international youth travel sector. The Academy has its focus on the continuous development of quality standards and the professionalism of the youth travel industry. For this purpose, it works closely with all relevant associations in the business, is neutral in its approach and targets practitioners in the field of youth travel.
The Academy is concentrating on an effective, quick and target orientated delivery of support mechanism for the operational level of youth travel institutions. Because of its independence and its training networks the Academy is able to react promptly and effectively on all initiatives and issues arising from this area of work.

This mission is realized through training and development programmes, quality development including inspections, management consultancies and programme development and continuous support, moderation and advice on initiated processes.
The Academy works closely with other academies and universities and is therefore in the position to undertake scientific research and government funded projects within this area of work as well as introducing praxis relevant topics into the scientific establishment.