Programme Organiser

Creative, outgoing, fun?

All these are characteristics of a Programme Organizer. It is your responsibility to provide a creative, active and fun-filled activity programme for all our customers which you will implement together with the Activity Teamers. Teamwork is an important part of your job and you should be prepared to deliver a high level of service. Ideally, you have already gained experience working with children and/or teens or you are highly motivated to gain experience in one of our camps. You like to manage a team and you have got good communication and language skills.


Your tasks

  • Development of a strong, integrated activity programme within the framework of our quality standards
  • Motivate our participants to take an active part in all programme events
  • Coordination of the programme design (sports, health and fitness, creative workshops, evening events, etc.)
  • Stage presence and the ability to guide the supervisors/teamers
  • Resource management in the camps
  • Offering assistance to our participants in all aspects of their stay
  • Close relationship with camp management team

Your profile

  • availability from the
    • 10th of April to the 23rd of April 2022 and/or
    • 26 th of June to the 27 th of August 2022 and/or
    • 16th of October to the 29th of October 2022

(see detailed CampUs Timetable below)

  • You will manage the team of Activity Teamers in the camp
  • Very good English language skills
  • Experience in working with children and/or teenagers
  • Some experience in youth entertainment sectors or event management
  • Creative and fun personality with innovative ideas
  • Ability to communicate with participants, parents and representatives of partner organizations
  • Ability to work independently


Conditions of Service

  • Pay: 250,00 Euro weekly
  • Full-board accommodation in single or twin ensuite rooms
  • First Aid Certificate (8 hours, not older than 2 years)
  • Police clearance certificate
  • 100 Euro travel allowance to and from the camp and to the training event
  • No cost, certified 4-day training day through the Youth Travel Academy



  • a successful participation in one of our cost free obligatory international training events held in: 


4-week Blended Learning course in April 2022 (online) followed by a two day on site training session just before the season starts on the:


7th of April to the 10th of April 2022 in Kyllburg, Germany



4-week blended learning Course in June 2022 (online) followed by a two day on site training session just before the start of your employment i.e.:


23rd of June 2022 for CampUs English and CampUs Juniors in Kyllburg

14th of July for CampUs Girls in Kyllburg



  •  supply of relevant recruitment documentation (see above)
  • a minimum age of 18


CampUs Timetable for all camps on Stiftsberg/Kyllburg/Germany in 2022 is as follows:



CampUs English Easter

·       Start Date:       10th of April 2022

·       Finish Date:     23rd of April 12022


CampUs English Summer

·       Start Date:       26th of June 2022

·       Finish Date:     27th of August 2022


CampUs English Autumn

·       Start Date:       16th of October 2022

·       Finish Date:     29th of October 2022




CampUs Juniors Summer

·       Start Date:       26th of June 2022

·       Finish Date:     13th of August 2022




CampUs Girls Summer

·       Start Date:       17th of June 2022

·       Finish Date:     13th of August 2022



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