Training Programme


In 2020 the Corona Crisis forced the YTA to introduce a blended learning/virtual training approach to our normal training programmes for supervisors and teamers. As a precursor to the new approach it was clear that the YTA wanted to maintain all the standard contents as identified in Curriculum designed by us in conjunction with the Reisenetz and at the same time to build in as much flexibility and mutual support for the participants into the design of the new approach.

The chosen design merged the benefits of zoom session for group work elements with theoretical inputs for self study and home work through data based structure. All participants were supported in the four week duration of the course through a Whatsapp system and individual tutorials with the trainers. The net results for all concerned were positive and therefore the YTA has decided to expand on the chosen approach with a blended learning Training Programme for the summer 2021.

In the light of the current developments we expect an increase in last minute recruitment shortly before the summer, a lack of training options since they will need to be available at the last minute and at the same time a substantial increase in highly qualified member of staff, who will have to take charge of workshops, lessons and other content driven programme elements. The YTA training programme attempts to take account of these tendencies and is now made available to all organisations dealing with young people in summer camps as well as individual potential members of staff. The YTA can also offer an in house approach for organisation if required.

All training programmes are following the same principles and structures and have a duration of either 40 hours over a four week period or 20 hours over a two week period. All programmes will start towards the end of May and will be completed by the end of June in time for the summer season. All programmes will be certified by the YTA and programmes can be merged if desired or necessary. All programmes have a flexible start date since as soon as the participants have registered they will be provided with access to the YTA data base Platform for introductionary information and videos to the courses. All courses are completed with a face to face briefing on the destination requirements and the respective Corona hygiene regulations.